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Our Story

The Lata Founders

We are four Spanish friends who crossed paths in New York City over a decade ago.
We all have a love of great food and drink but are especially enamored by the Spanish conserva ritual.
What does that mean?

Having a great time together, enjoying tins of delicious seafood and sipping vermouth.
To share our love for the very best gourmet tinned seafood, we founded our company, Lata.

Our dream is to one day open a Vermouth Bar to recreate this nostalgic experience in the United States. Join us on our journey and enjoy these incredible delicacies along the way.
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Why Lata

We are a group of friends from Spain living in the United states that share a passion for canned food and miss it so much that decided to source the best products from Spain.

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Top Quality

We selected the best canned food available
so you don’t have to. We will keep sourcing
and adding only the best of the best.

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Good For You

High levels of valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your overall health and wellbeing.
Some of our products like sardines and the bonito are rich in protein and low in fat,

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Good For The Planet

The canning process locks in nutrients when the food
is at its ultimate freshness.
Canned foods are also environmentally friendly
due to the recycled metal used in the containers.

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