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How to Make the Perfect Tuna Belly Sandwich

Olasagasti Tuna Belly Sandwich

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy
Perfect for: Quick Lunch or Lunch on the go

There are many way to prepare a good sandwich with the Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna Belly but this may be our favorite.

First, prepare the bread, we recommend a baguette, or something similar. Open the can of

Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna Belly and pour the oil of the can over the two halves of bread. Cut and add some strips of a roasted red pepper.

Now, is the magic moment, delicately place the tuna belly over the roasted pepper and finish it with some Spanish Manzanilla olives.

Once you try the tuna belly in this sandwich or by itself, it is going to be really hard to not have it into your meals rotation.

We hope you enjoy it.
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