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Our Top Picks for the Best Canned Tuna

Tuna is one of the most recognized and popular kinds of fish worldwide - we find it delicious too! Did you know that the United States consumes about 31% of the world’s canned tuna products? It makes even more sense if you also think about it like this:

The National Fisheries Institute discovered that tuna is the USA's second most popular seafood.

That’s why we want to walk you through why canned tuna is a fantastic addition to your pantry. We’ll also share our most recommended picks.


Olasagasti Tuna Belly Sandwich

What makes tuna great?

If you’re looking for a great healthy addition to your diet – look no further! Tuna is a fish that provides a delicious, low-fat source of protein for you to enjoy. It's a versatile fish that you can use in plenty of recipes - it even has the benefit that it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is special because it can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Even when you don’t consider the health benefits – it’s simply delicious. The fish’s fattiness makes it a hearty, easy meal that goes great with bread, tomato, and plenty more.

It’s also important to note that when we say Tuna, we don’t mean just one fish strain. There are many different kinds, each with distinct features and tastes. Our FAQ section below has details on the different tuna types.

How do we choose the tuna for our selection?
The Lata Selection Process

Just as we do for all our products, the team at Lata followed through on our specific process. Once more, we came together to sample every brand's tuna product. Out of those, we selected the best 2 or 3 based on three specific criteria:

  1. The taste
    We only want the best!
    We want to love the products we stock and if we don’t think you’ll love it too, it will not make the cut.

  2. The quality of the product
    We vet every single one of our products so you can be sure they are of the highest quality. We want to make sure we have plenty of options for price and quality but here are some more specific criteria we look at:
      • Where is it sourced from?
      • How is the fish cleaned and prepared?
      • How fresh was the product when it was being prepared?
  3. The method of preparation
    We want to make sure our products are easy to enjoy straight out of the tin. That said, there can be a lot of variety and complexity in flavors. That’s why we aim to include a little bit of each to keep you intrigued. 
      • Is it packed in olive oil or brine?
      • Does it work with more complex flavors?
      • Can the product be stewed in sauces?
      • Is it enjoyable on its own?

Our picks for the best tinned tuna:

Açor Tuna in Olive Oil

A classic option that will never disappoint - Nacho especially loves this one in his pasta dishes or in a salad.

Açor Tuna in Olive Oil on bread

Maria Organic Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The combination of the extra virgin olive oil and the flaky tuna makes for an incredible flavor experience. We also recommend it in a bocadillio de atún con aceitunas (a tuna sandwich with olives).

Maria Organic Tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil

Don Bocarte White Tuna Bonito in Olive Oil

The White Tuna Bonito is an absolute winner. Whether you have it on its own or in any number of different recipes (in a sandwich or a salad), you're in for a treat. These fish go through a meticulous cooking process; this brings out their incredible delicacy and juiciness. 

Don Bocarte White Tuna Bonito in Olive Oil

La Narval Light Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

The Tuna Belly (Ventresca) is the most delicious part of the fish and we can’t keep our hands off of this particular one. The salt and olive oil combination makes a perfect balance that matches perfectly with the juicy fish.

La Narval White Tuna Belly Packshot with opened tin

Espinaler Premium White Tuna Belly

Caught and tinned at the peak of freshness, this superb ventresca is rich and buttery delight. It's a high quality, tender option that is a must-try.

Espinaler Premium Ventresca in an opened tin

Don Bocarte Wild Bluefin Tuna Belly

Flavours so good that even just trying one on its own can blow your mind. The tenderness and superb taste that comes from this cut will leave you craving for more.

Don Bocarte Wild Bluefin Tuna Belly

Güeyu Mar Grilled Tuna Belly

Nacho can’t get enough of this one - you get a full piece of belly right out of the tin which looks incredible. Tenderness + Fatty Flavours + Hints from the Chargrilling = An unforgettable gourmet experience.

Güeyu Mar Grilled Tuna Belly

Artesanos Alalunga Albacore Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

This is one of our favorites from the store. The melt-in-your-mouth feel combined with the incredible flavors make this a must-have for any table.


Artesanos Alalunga Albacore Tuna Belly in Olive Oil


 What are some of your favorite tuna dishes?

We’d love to hear which variants you prefer and which tuna recipes you love the most.
Can't pick just one out of all of these options or don't know where to start?
We also have our Tuna Lovers box available - specifically for anyone who just can't get enough of this delicious fish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between Tuna and Tuna Belly?

While the tuna is a fatty fish in general – the tuna belly is the lower part of the fish that is even more special. The belly is where more fat is concentrated, giving this meat even stronger and richer flavors. There's no doubt that it's a true delicacy that you can’t miss!

Is there a difference in flavor between the different kinds of tuna?

There's a lot of great information on the internet with more details, we picked out a few useful snippets below that are useful. That said, we found the Fulton Fish Market blog and the Fishing Booker blog very helpful for more information:

  • Albacore Tuna (or White Tuna) 
    • Also known as “White Tuna”, this is the most easily recognized strain due to its lighter hue. It’s one of the smaller tuna species but we can guarantee you it’s certainly no less delicious! You can expect a lighter, milder flavor compared to the other types
  • Skipjack 
    • This type is mostly found in the Western Atlantic and is what you will find most often canned tuna across the US. It has a very tender texture which is why you will often see it in small, delightful chunks. It tends to have a more pronounced, strong flavor - a great choice for those who don’t mind a more fishy flavor.
  • Yellowfin 
    • You can find this variant in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. This pale pink delicacy is leaner than other tuna types, which lends itself to a milder taste.
  • Bigeye
    • If you prefer a fattier fish with more flavor, this is absolutely the pick for you. With a darker red, meat that feels firmer and packed with loads of flavor, you can’t go wrong with a Bigeye treat. This tuna type tends to come from the tropical and warm, temperate waters of the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean
  • Bluefin
    • The infamous King of Tuna! This rare and valuable strain is coveted for its incredible flavor and texture. That's because the fish can store large amounts of fat in its muscles.
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