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The Best Canned Mackerel for Your Pantry

Mackerels are one of the seafood delicacies that is often overlooked. 

That’s why we’ve put together a short blog post to walk you through the details of this delicious fish and a collection of the best canned mackerel options from our shop’s selection. 

What is a mackerel?

It is important to know that mackerel isn’t one single type of fish but a group of different species. They are mainly identified by their streamlined shape (often described as “torpedo-shaped”, as well as their very quick movement through the water. You can often find them swimming in very large schools.

From a food perspective, you can expect a relatively small yet special fish that has a rich and pronounced flavor. As a type of oily fish, you can be sure to enjoy a rich and meaty fish that also has a sweetness that is quite unique. Though the mackerel does share some similarities with other popular fish (like salmon and sardines), it has a unique taste that differs from the rest.

If you’re also curious for more information, we wrote a previous article about canned tuna as we know that it’s really popular around the United States. If that’s normally your go-to canned seafood pick, it’s also worth knowing that Tasting Table labeled mackerel as a tastier version of tuna.

What are the health benefits of mackerel?

These little fish can surprise you! Did you know that mackerel is considered one of the most nutritious fish?
You can expect a whole host of benefits with every bite - a fantastic source of protein, a meal packed with vitamins and minerals. To name just a few, each mackerel contains iodine, iron and vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12 and much more.

Need another reason why this fish is so special?

Mackerel is an oily fish, making it a healthier protein option for you to add to your diet. Those oils are made up of healthy fats which include lots of omega-3 fatty acids - these are known to provide a wide array of positive benefits for your body. Some studies show results that these fatty acids can reduce your risk of heart disease, blood clots, and even dementia.
Talk about big things coming in small packages!

Our picks for the best canned mackerel:

La Narval Mackerel Fillets In Olive Oil

La Narval Mackerel Fillets In Olive Oil

As simple as it comes - if you’re looking for an entry point to trying Mackerel for the first time, this is our pick for you. Easy to add as a protein option for any dish (we recommend it on toast with avocado!).

Ati Manel Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil and Basil

Ati Manel Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil and Basil

The basil sauce is a different twist on the small horse mackerel that makes for a balanced and delightful flavor. 

José Gourmet Mackerel Fillets in Curry

José Gourmet Mackerel Fillets in Curry

In our tasting journey, we tried a lot of options that included curry - this has to be our favorite! Perfect to be served straight of the tin, this spiced option is a great one for the more adventurous tin fish lovers. 

ABC+ Horse Mackerel in Brava Sauce

ABC+ Horse Mackerel in Brava Sauce

We already love mackerel on its own but the addition of the brava sauce makes this a winner. The combination of red pepper, chili, and garlic makes this a Portuguese delicacy that can’t be missed.

Ati Manel Spiced Smoked Mackerel Pate

Ati Manel Spiced Smoked Mackerel Pate

If you like a delicious, smoky spread with a spicy kick, this is a fantastic choice. This mackerel pâté is a strong option to have around for a special occasion. 

Have you tried mackerel before? What's your favorite recipe to pair this special fish with? Reach out to us and let us know!

You can also find some options included in our Solo Fish Box and occasionally in our Monthly Discovery Box (keep an eye out for it!)

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