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How should I eat my tinned fish? 6 great food pairings

Tinned fish has been around for a long time but we often get asked: "how exactly should I enjoy it?"
A great question that already gets us in the mood to crack open a tin. In this article, we'll explore some great food pairings as well as some recipes for inspiration.

Straight out of the tin

Sometimes the easiest and effortless way is the best!
Every tin in our collection is ready-to-eat straight out of the packaging – no extra prep time required! If you’re new to tinned fish, we even recommend starting off like this to get a feel for the deep flavors and textures.

An extra great tip: Don’t forget to drizzle the remaining contents from each can on top.
It would be a serious tragedy to miss out on that extra olive oil, tomato sauce or curry sauce scrumptiousness.

Nuri Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil served in an open can

Avocado & Toast

A simple lunchtime treat that has a short preparation time.
Got some avocados handy?  Then what a better combination to excuse cracking open your pantry.

  1. Quickly mash them up in a guacamole spread
  2. Toast some bread – ciabatta is a personal favorite of ours but if you’re feeling more adventurous, try baking some Pan de Horno (to share in our nostalgia for tastes from our hometowns).
  3. Spread the guac on your freshly toasted bread and add your fish choice as the final detail – we recommend starting the Gueyu Mar Chargrilled Sardine Loins but the world is yours.

Tomatoes and Olives

Get your serving toothpicks ready, because with tomatoes and olive alongside your seafood option, you’ll have a delicious serving platter ready within minutes.
We always love having anchovies at hand when we get together but this works perfectly well with shellfish as well as octopus. 

José Gourmet Codfish with Parsley Pate - served with olives, crackers and tomatoes

Cold Salads

Drain the fish and flake it onto a bed of mixed greens or pasta, add veggies like cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, then dress with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs for a refreshing meal in minutes.

Here’s a great recipe from the Food Network Kitchen if you love to bring the magic of a Mediterranean Salad to your home. If you decide to try it, we recommend using the Don Bocarte White Tuna Bonito as your tinned fish option.

Ramón Peña Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil served with tomatoes

 Pasta Dishes

Pasta is already such a versatile ingredient, why not use your tin fish choice to complement and already delicious meal? Whether you love a good Spaghetti Putannesca or a creamy pasta like this recipe, you can use your tinned fish to bring the quality of your meal to another level.
What do we suggest? We wrote a previous post on one of our preferred recipes – a Pasta Nera made with Alalunga Sepia  - which still hits the perfect spot every time.

Cuttlefish Pasta


Like the pasta options, rice can add a great base to any seafood dish you make. We especially love pairing up our more complex flavored products like the curry sauce and the ink sauce to make unforgettable dishes.
Here’s our link to our recipe for Squid in Ink Sauce that you might find handy later!

Cream Cheese & Crackers

Another simple combination that works like a dream, coat your crackers with some cream cheese and pick your ideal seafood option to top it off.

Perfect as a entrée for guests, but also for a great afternoon gift to yourself after a long day. We found this great recipe by Pardon your French that hammers home how good this can be. We tried it using these José Gourmet Sardines and it was sublime.

Nuri Sardines in Tomato Sauce served on pita bread with tomatoes


Nothing hits the spot more than a well-crafted sandwich...except one with some of the finest seafood as an extra filling.
We loved making a perfect tuna belly sandwich using the Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna, but all of our seafood options work just as well!

Olasagasti Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil, served in a sandwich with peppers and olives

Broccoli and Garlic

What seems like a simple and straightforward addition can sometimes blow your mind. That’s what we thought when we made our Iasa Branzino Grigliato for the first time.
The garlic brings a mix of sweetness and savoriness that makes any  dish pop and the broccoli adds another pack of goodness. While we tried it with Branzino, this combination can work just as well with seafood options you prefer.

IASA Branzino Grilled Sea Bass in Olive Oil

A glass of vermút (vermouth)

Imagine: Your feet kicked back, sitting outdoors in sunny Valencía, enjoying your fresh seafood by the sea and basking in the warmth. What’s missing? The perfect glass for vermouth.

Perfect as a mid-afternoon aperitif but also an ideal complement for any tinned fish you have at home. We love it and we’re so happy to see it resurging as a trend among Spanish locals.

What are some of your favorite tin fish pairings? Get in touch with us and let us know! If you're tempted by of the suggestions above, try for our monthly subscription box - a selection of tins delivered right to your door.

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